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The single, most consistent finding in national drug-use surveys of adolescents and young adults conducted by government agencies for nearly three decades describes a correlation between belief in harm and use. The more young people who believe a specific drug will hurt them, the fewer young people use that drug. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. As belief in harm declines, use increases. Research demonstrates that any drug prevention program or policy therefore must be built on the foundation of scientifically acurate information about the harmful effects of drugs and a clear no-use message. To effectively prevent drug abuse, several disciplines and fields must work together. These include:

Law Enforcement

Parents and families can be more effective than anyone else at preventing their children from becoming involved with drugs. But first, parents must be made aware that drugs can hurt children, understand how drugs do that, and learn specific steps they can take to protect their children.

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For us, the young teenagers anywhere all around the world, especially those who are living in the City of Greater Dandenong, our slogan must be always: DON'T GO THERE!