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By Philip Tu


Summary of performance for the 1999 Project


Overall, SICMAA-Employment Services was successful with the retention rate of 85.9% compared to the required retention rate of 80% as from the Agreement. Our retention rate after placement is still around 85%, every year since 1994. We are proud of this fact, as our aim has always been to find secure long-term positions for our clients.



2000 - Community Business Employment Program



Community Business Employment Program for the year 2000 2001 begins from 3rd April 2000 to 31st December 2001. The multicultural category of jobseekers remains the same, with the emphasis on the Indo-Chinese. The allocated target for this project is 225 (190 short-term unemployed, and 35 long-term unemployed).


Up to the 1st November 2000, eighty-four (84) people have been placed into employment. The remaining 141 jobseekers must be placed within the next 14 months. Thirty five (35) have reached their 3 months into employment and we wish them all the best in securing their position with their employers.




We said goodbye to Joedy Wallis, and welcome Jim Philips as our new CBE Program Co-ordinator.


There has been a major change of staffs at SICMAA-CBE. Danielle Le became a CBE Program Co-ordinator at the Department, we wish Danielle all the best with her new position. Diane Tan and Khoi Nguyen have gone into other fields and we wish them all the best in their new careers. We wish to welcome Philip Tu as the new SICMAA CBE Co-ordinator and Kim Nguyen as the new Employment Liaison Officer.



Changes to the Community Business Employment Program





According to statistics, the Greater Dandenong area has about 7000 businesses. The majority of these employ 20 employees or less. There is increasing number of industries that operate on a seasonal basis, meaning that employment is only available within certain months of the year. This means that more people will be employed on a casual basis, decreasing their chances of obtaining full-time employment. Due to the improvement in technologies, there is more demand for the number of semi-skilled people in the work force. At the same time, the requirement for unskilled people has decreased, meaning that it would be harder to place unskilled people into full-time employment. It is therefore necessary to train and upgrade jobseeker skills, and SICMAA-CBE has been working with Academic Institutions and Red Cross to upgrade jobseeker skills with a view to obtain long term employment.