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November 1999

  • Provided a talk to the Victoria Police Academy’s new recruits on Vietnamese Community in Victoria and its issues.
  • Provided a talk to the Mt Lilydale College on Indo-Chinese Refugee Experiences
  • Provided a talk to the Cralana Programme’s participants on "Eastern Values, Western Values".
  • Involved in a qualitative business research for the Australian Taxation Office with Cultural Perpectives
  • Provided a keynote address to welcome new Australian Citizens at the Bayside City Council’s Citizenship Ceremony
  • Attended Asialink’s 1999 Dunlop Asia Leadership Program Presentation Evening

December 1999

  • Participated in Asialink’s 1999 Dunlop Asia Leadership Program Interview Judging Panel
  • Attended the Project Steering Committee Meeting of "Bridging The Gap: Indo-Chinese Prisoners in Port Phillip Prison"

January 2000

  • Involved in the VCA-VIC’s Committee for Good Friday Appeal and Clean Up Australia Day 2000
  • Provided consultation to the African communities on the establishment of a peak and representative organisation for the Africans in Victoria.
  • Attended the Launch of Vietvoice – a Vietnamese Community Free Newspaper
  • Attended various New-Year celebrations with a number of Vietnamese elderly groups and associations.
  • Attended Citizenship Ceremony at the Quang Minh Temple
  • Participated in the City of Greater Dandenong’s Year 2000 Celebration Program of Cultural Stories "Fables, folk tales and fabulous myths"

February 2000

  • Attended the Launch of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Year 2000 Strategy Plan
  • Presented a cultural training for Department of Justice on drugs and drug related issues in the Vietnamese Community in Victoria
  • Attended the Vietnamese Yet Kieu Scout Group’s AGM
  • Attended the State’s Conference on "Offenders and Drugs in Prison" at Port Phillip Prison
  • Attended the Launch of " Multicultural Business Information Kit" by the City of Greater Dandenong.
  • Meeting with the Minister for Gaming.

March 2000

  • Attended the Launch of multicultural communities consultations of the Penington Drug Policy Expert Committee
  • Participated in the review of the Emergency Relief Program
  • Participated in the City of Greater Dandenong’s Council sponsored GST Seminars
  • Co-organised and participated in the VCA-VIC Clean-up Australia Day in Springvale
  • Attended the National Conference organised by the Vietnamese Women Association in Australia
  • Attended the Quang Trung Scout Group’s AGM in Clayton
  • Attended an series of meetings with the VCA-VIC to co-organise the Good Friday Appeal
  • Provided a consultation on cross-cultural training for the CFA
  • Participated in a fundraising dinner for the Good Friday Appeal
  • Presented a workshop on "Traditional Ways of Healing in the Vietnamese Community" to the City of Hume
  • Organised a GST information session for the Vietnamese Community in the S-E region of Melbourne.

April 2000

  • Attended "Bridging The Gap" Project at Port Phillip Prison
  • Attended launch of "Community Based Employment" Program – Dept of State Development
  • Presented at La Trobe Re: "Ethnic issues in Australian Politics"
  • Met with the Minister for Correctional Services – Andre Haemeyer to discuss incarceration issues
  • Attended Ethnic Community Council of Victoria on drugs forum at CO-AS-IT
  • Presented to Dept of Justice on "Drug problems in the Vietnamese community
  • Ethnic Community Council of Vic meeting with the Premier at the Maltese community centre with other ethnic representatives
  • Held a meeting with Victorian Multicultural Commission in preparation for GST
  • Met with PACMAC regarding policing issues

May 2000

  • Attended the "Responsible gaming and gambling" function in the City of Greater Dandenong
  • Attended launch of "Year 2000 message book" organised by the City of Melbourne
  • Launched the "Little kids" sports program at Springvale Secondary College
  • Attended Dandenong public forum on safe injecting facility
  • Attended Mother’s Day celebration with the Elderly Association in Springvale
  • Met with Minister for Community Services – Ms Christine Campbell to discuss community issues, particularly the elderly and women related issues
  • Launched the CFA report on how to work with NESB communities
  • Attended and organised drugs consultations of DEPEC and Indo-Chinese community in the City of Greater Dandenong
  • Organised more GST workshops for the general Vietnamese community and business sector
  • Organised a meeting with Vietnamese workers and a research project on the "Vietnamese in prisons in Victoria"
  • Attended Corroboree 2000 on behalf of the Ethnic Community Council of Vic in Sydney
  • Provided a presentation to "palliative care" group in Ballarat
  • Attended a gaming charter forum in the City of Greater Dandenong
  • Attended the Annual General Meeting from the Vietnamese Soccer Club in Springvale
  • Attended and sponsored Mother’s Day celebration – organised by the Indo-Chinese Elderly Citizens in Springvale

June 2000


  • Organised a Vietnamese consultation for "review of the current education system in Victoria"
  • Provided presentation to Cralana program in Toorak
  • Attended Ethnic Community Council of Victoria meeting on "roles of schools"
  • Participated in panel of selectors "international residency" program – Asialink
  • Attended annual training of Hoi Giao Chuc/Vietnamese Teacher’s Association Victoria
  • Met with Elderly Citizens Association in Melbourne to organise annual conference
  • Met with the Australian Red Cross on "Future humanitarian aid in Vietnam"

July 2000

  • Co-organised with VUT on "Van nan cua tuoi tre Vietnam/youth concern’s" community forum
  • Attended the "industrial reform taskforce" ethnic community consultation at the Maltese centre - Parkville
  • Provided a consultative session to World Vision on aid work in developing countries
  • Provided speech on "cross-cultural training on sport" organised by the City of Greater Dandenong
  • Attended and speech at Drug Policy Expert Committee workshop for specialist drug treatment services
  • Met with Australian Multicultural Foundation on ethnic communities’ participation in the second phase consultation with DEPEC
  • Met with Minister for Post Compulsory Education, Employment and Training to discuss post education issues for Vietnamese adults.
  • Presented to "2000 International Year for Cultural of Peace to UN" forum – IYCP UN Co-ordinating office
  • Organised a Vietnamese community organisations summit to discuss the Government’s funding for the restoration of communities’ program
  • Attended a Pathway Project meeting for young people
  • Met with the Correctional Office re Indo-Chinese offenders
  • Organised an NESB Drug Expert Summit with the Australian Multicultural Foundation
  • Attended 2 days forum organised by DEPEC on prevention
  • Preparation for the Thank You Statue in Springvale.

Aug 2000

  • Attended the Australian Drug Foundation’s Ethnic Communities consultation
  • Addressed the 2nd year medical students at the University of Melbourne on refugee and displacement experiences
  • Launched the Vietnamese Diasbility Project
  • Attended "Working Together Project" South-Eastern Dept of Human Services
  • Provided consultation on race relations to Wellington Secondary College
  • Meeting to discuss Vietnamese Deportees situations with the Department of Immigration
  • Provided cross-cultural training session for Department of Justice’s staff
  • Attended Sub Regional Cross Sectoral Network Group on Working Together Strategy.
  • Met with the Springvale Hme Based Withdrawal Working Group
  • Attended the 10th Anniversary of the Vietnamese Program at Westall Secondary College
  • Attended Victoria Homelessness Strategies Regional Consultation
  • Attended the Launch of the 1st Melbourne Vietnamese Lions Club
  • Attended City of Greater Dandenong’s Community Forum on local gaming venues charter
  • Attended SBS Radio’s Presentations to LOTE Essay Competition

Sept 2000

  • Attended Ethnic Community Council of Vic Executives Meeting
  • Meeting regarding the establishment of an Indo-Chinese Action Research Centre.
  • Attended Drug Policy Experts Committee’s Ethnic Communities Workshop on Drug Treatments
  • Attended the launch of the Multicultural Perspectives of Crime and Safety.
  • Provided a talk at the Footscray Rotary Club
  • Attended the Country Fire Authority’s Multicultural Advisory Group Meeting
  • Organised Vietnamese Sunday with the Immigration Museum and Vic-Health
  • Met City of Greater Dandenong’s officials regarding the Thank You Statue
  • Met with Dept of Immigration & Multicultural Affairs Grant Consultant regarding workers’ work program
  • Attended Southern Break-Even "Strategies For Change" Launch.
  • Organised Children’s Moon Festival
  • Attended City of Greater Dandenong Responsible Gaming and Gambling Reference Group
  • Met the Minister for Gaming regarding Community Support Fund and gambling problems
  • Prepared SICMAA’s Infrastructure Business Plan
  • Organised Lantern Festival visit to the Juvenile Justice Centre in Parkville

Oct 2000

  • Talked on "Role of the Vietnamese elderly in illness management" – City of Kingston
  • Attended Ethnic Community Council of Vic – Executives Meeting
  • Provided a talk on Australians of Asian Background to the Victoria University of Technology’s teacher course.
  • Meeting with Minister for Sport, Recreation and Planning.
  • Talk to year 10 students at St.Bede’s College on Viet-Nam War and The Refugee Experiences.
  • Provided a talk to Adolescent Forensic Health on Cultural Identity and Young People.